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About Sounds of Mexico

Sounds of Mexico is an international platform for the collaboration between Mexican musicians and artists from other countries. It was created by Mexican composer and guitarist Santiago Gutiérrez Bolio together with the Mexican embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is co-directed with Mexican guitarist Santiago Lascurain. Through this platform we program concerts in different cities, and we present a mixture of repertoire, musicians and ensembles all stemming both from Mexico and from the specific country we are visiting. In each place we visit, we create a local network - halls, audience, collaboration with local artists, and local economic support - which allows us to have a long-term relationship with the host country, involving annual and bi-annual events such as producing concert series and individual concerts, as well as participating in established festivals.

Even though the promotion of Mexican classical music and Mexican artists is an important part of Sounds of Mexico, the key objective for this platform is to create a multi-cultural network for the collaboration between artists from different countries. Presenting programs of music in the countries we visit is only the first direct result from this collaboration, since this implies not only the possibility to produce more series of concerts, but the ensuing use of the network we have created as well.

Since the platform's first edition in Copenhagen during the fall of 2008, we have presented nearly 30 concerts in 14 different cities and 8 different countries, as well as programmed 19 international artists and commissioned a dozennew works. This platform has been made possible thanks to the support and partnership received from several private and government organizations such as: View more information about our sponsors here

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